Pastor Ling’s flooded community in Yangon, Myanmar

Since June, typhoons and monsoon rains have continually battered all of southeast Asia. Specifically in Myanmar (Burma), they have been facing devastating wind and torrential rain that has resulted in sever flooding across the country. On July 31, Myanmar’s president declared four areas of the country as disaster zones. More than one hundred people have died as a result of these storms so far. Hundreds of thousands have been affected with many being displaced from their homes. Pastor Ling Choi is our partnering pastor there where he and his family have a house church and currently house twenty eight orphans in their orphanage. They are trying to move forward in their mission while also trying to keep the children safe in these awful conditions.

Food and water is unaccessible for most of those effected by the floods.

Food and water is unaccessible for most of those effected by the floods.



Pastor Ling and his church are delivering fresh water and rice to their community.

We recently received the following message from Pastor Ling:

“It is constantly raining and our orphanage home compound is flooding. One of the problems with the monsoon flooding and subsequent pooling of stagnant water at our compound is that mosquitoes are breeding rampantly, in addition to the problem of water snakes, and the risk of cholera and other water-borne diseases. We face this problem every year. Therefore, we are starting to build a brick wall of concrete fence around our orphanage home to resist flooding. With the construction of this wall, we believe that flood waters will further be restrained from entering our property. We need some more funds to be able to complete this project and please keep this situation in your prayers.”

Current construction of the wall around  Pastor Ling’s compound.

Current construction of the wall around
Pastor Ling’s compound.


As you know, we are taking a small team to Burma in November to do evangelism and pastors training. Now we feel the need for us to go is even greater. We hope to be a help and encouragement to them during this difficult time. In addition to our trip, we need to help them finish building this wall and repair any damages they have suffered. Please consider a gift this month to help our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. You can donate online here.

As for our trip, our plans will not change. We will still go and preach the Gospel, train pastors and church leaders, and encourage the church to press on in their mission to reach their country.  We need your help to make this trip happen.

– Jared