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Jacob & Keesha Via

Jacob & Keesha Via are our missionaries on the ground in Haiti. You can follow their journey here.




Short-term trips, Long-term Partnerships

Over 300,000 Haitians died in the earthquake that devastated their country in 2010. Nearly one million lost their homes. Many places in Port-Au-Prince, despite huge clean-up efforts, still appear as though the disaster just took place. In spite of all that the Haitian people have been through, the church still stands strong. In fact, the church is growing in ways like we’ve never seen. People are responding to the Gospel, churches are rebuilding, pastors are being trained, orphans are being cared for, and God’s Kingdom is advancing. We currently oversee seven churches in Port Au Prince and the surrounding areas. We are praying for five more churches to be launched in 2016.

All inclusive: Our trip prices include airline ticket, lodging, transportation, meals, travel insurance, per diem, and all ministry costs. The only extra money you may need is for passport, vaccines, entry visa, souvenirs, etc.

Ministry areas may include: Pastor/Leadership training, medical, construction, orphan care, student ministry, prison ministry, and one-on-one evangelism.