A few years ago, I was walking the mucky streets of Port Au Prince with one of our Haitian pastors handing out Gospel of John booklets and sharing the the message of Jesus with anyone who would listen. A woman sitting on the sidewalk motioned for us to come speak to her. I asked her if I could share some incredible news about the love of God. She welcomed it. As we conversed over the next several minutes, we discovered that she practiced voodoo. When my pastor friend inquired about her beliefs she said, “Voodoo saves me from harm.” Through his broken english he replied, “Jesus saves.” His very simple but profound response still rings in my ears. Those two words sum up everything that we are about.

We are a part of a lot of different ministry activities on the mission field — everything from medical clinics to orphan care. However, everything that we do in Haiti and around the world is designed to proclaim one single message – Jesus saves.

This Summer we will be leading our sixth and seventh mission teams to serve alongside the local church in Haiti. Over the past several years, we have seen the hand of God at work in these churches with whom we are partnering. It is a beautiful partnership as we work together to disciple new believers, train young pastors, and reach lost communities with the message of Hope.

Because of your support we are able to lock arms with the believers in Haiti and shout with one voice “Jesus saves!” Your partnership with us is vital to this ministry and to our partners around the world.   Thank you for standing with us. Our Haitian pastors thank you as well.

– Jacob