A Haitian Pastor’s Heart for the Gospel


World Reach began working in Haiti in 2011. Since that time we have partnered with dozens of pastors in Port Au Prince and the surrounding countryside. However, it was not until  my family and I moved to Haiti that I connected with one of these pastors on a deeper level. His name is Jordany and he pastors a small church in an area called Criox-des-Bouquets.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 7.54.05 PMIn 2013, after graduating from seminary, Jordany moved his family to the countryside, purchased a piece of land, and began sharing the Gospel with his neighbors. The Spirit of God moved, people were getting saved, and suddenly a new church was born. It was under the shade of a tree on his land that the church began to meet for worship. Like the early church from Acts 2, people were coming to Jesus literally every day.

You need to understand two things about Haiti. First, Christianity in Haiti is a joke (generally speaking). About eighty percent of the population claim to be Christian but works-based salvation is the doctrine of choice. If you ask anyone on the street how someone can be saved, there will almost never be a mention of God’s grace or the atoning work of Christ on the cross. Secondly, in the area where Jordany has planted this church there is no other evangelical presence at all. So this is the backdrop on which he is doing ministry and God is blessing it greatly.

Fast forward two years to today. The church has grown to about 200 people  and has just planted two new churches in other needy areas (I’ll tell you all about that in a minute). They have a small building now, made up of plywood walls and a tin roof. They have already outgrown it and need to expand when God provides the funds.

Pastor Jordany is a disciple maker to his core. It is not enough for him to just baptize these new believers. In July, I had the privilege of baptizing five new believers in the new baptistry that World Reach built for them. Pastor Jordany and I were talking after the service when he said to me, “We cannot stop here. We have to remember the second part of the great commission. Jesus told us to teach them!” He has been “teaching them” since day one. This is proven in the lives of two men he has raised up. Emmanuel and Fioul were saved under Jordany’s leadership in the early days of the church. Emmanuel was a Sunday school teacher in another church but now realizes he did not have a relationship with Jesus. Fioul was a successful engineer trying to build his own kingdom of wealth, but is now designing blueprints for church buildings for free.

“I’m not concerned about building big churches. I’m concerned about building disciples. Too many people die everyday without Jesus.”

Pastor Jordany has been pouring into these two men for years. They have become godly leaders in the church and are now being called out by God to plant two new churches in areas where there is no other evangelical church. At first, Jordany was questioned by his church. “Why are sending out our strongest leaders?” the people asked. “We need them here to continue growing this church.” Pastor Jordany’s response was powerful. “If you want to worry about building this church bigger and bigger? That’s fine. Then let me go and I’ll start another church where there is none. I’m not concerned about building big churches.  I’m concerned about building disciples. Too many people die everyday without Jesus.”

From left to right: Fioul, Jacob, Emmanuel, & Jordany

From left to right: Fioul, Jacob, Emmanuel, & Jordany

Pastor Jordany gets it. He knows we cannot stop reaching people. But he also knows we cannot start keeping people. This is exactly why I have connected with him on a deeper level than I have anyone else in Haiti. We share the same desire to see Jesus magnified and people saved. We share the same desire to plant more churches that are teaching what accords with sound doctrine (in order to combat the loud anti-gospel being preached by most churches here).

I am not trying to praise Jordany, but I am giving a testimony of what God is doing here. I have met many missionaries who avoid working directly with indigenous pastors because of the fear that they may be chasing after power or prestige. I understand this can be a temptation for anyone, but it seems to be a common stumbling block for Haitian pastors. But then I meet guys like Pastor Jordany who have such a deep love for Jesus that building their own little kingdoms is not a concern for them. These are the type of men with whom I want to partner.


This is Maxo being baptized. He is the first convert of Pastor Emmanuel’s church plant.

This is where Pastor Emmanuel’s new church is meeting. The land is being donated by Maxo.

This is where Pastor Emmanuel’s new church is meeting. The land is being donated by Maxo.

Let me thank you all for your partnership. God is using you. Pastor Jordany and these two new church plants have been greatly blessed by your involvement. This summer we have been able to provide for these people discipleship conferences, medical clinics, kids camps, new benches for the church, a new baptistry, a new motorcycle for Pastor Jordany, and a used motorcycle for Pastor Emmanuel. Please continue to pray for our ministry as we strive to honor Jesus and point people to Him!

– Jacob