Last month, I was able to go with my dad on my very first mission trip to Guatemala. I didn’t know I was going on this trip until two weeks before the team was supposed to leave. But a few weeks before I heard of the trip I felt like the Lord was trying to prepare me for something that I was going to have to trust in him for. Then the moment my dad told me about the trip I was reminded about how I felt the past several weeks. So, I went to my room, prayed and told the Lord that I would go but he would have to get me there. And he did!  

The day after we got there, we went to the first village. As we got out of the back of the truck, we noticed a couple of kids so I gave them some candy and toys. Then those kids brought friends, and then more and more friends, and before we knew it we had a whole village of kids following us. My dad gathered the kids around to see if they wanted to hear a bible story.  Then out of the blue, he handed me the EvangeCube! The EvangeCube is a gospel tool with pictures that goes through the story of the gospel. I froze. I looked at him a little frantically and shook my head, then I got myself together and went ahead and shared it. But in that moment, I realized that it was going to be hard and scary to do things like that but God would  be with me every step of the way. A wise person once told me that if you ask God for wisdom he will gladly provide. Like it says in Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” All you have to do is ask, and the Lord will provide! Later that day, I got to witness two catholic ladies get saved, and meet a sweet little boy that was about 2 years old! He was so cute!

On a different day we went to a women’s conference, and as people were getting there a little girl that I knew from a kids event we did earlier in the day wrapped me in the sweetest little embrace! I hung out with her for a while in a little room just past the kitchen. Then some other kids came and I basically ended up doing my own childcare for the women at the conference. One reason I loved hanging out with these kids is knowing that they got to have fun but also that the parents were able to focus more on what God was teaching them in the conference. Thank you for praying for us during this trip. This was an incredible, heartwarming experience that I’m never going to forget