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Posted by on Dec 2, 2018 in Blog |

The Power of One

The Power of One

I’m sitting here in our hotel room in Yangon, Myanmar reflecting on the events of this busy week of ministry. Our team has worked hard each day as we conducted a two-day church leadership conference, led a children’s camp with over 300 children, shared the gospel on the streets and from house-to-house, and presented an evangelistic program for a detention facility for teenage boys. During our evangelism efforts in the slums, working alongside our Burmese partners, we saw several people come to know Jesus and a new house church planted!

The Lord has given us new and exciting opportunities as we partner with our Christian brothers and sisters here in Yangon. There are too many experiences to begin to relate them all, so let me focus on one.

We were invited to present the gospel to a group of 500 teenage boys who are being held in a detention center outside the city. After the gospel message, I offered an invitation to these young men to receive Jesus Christ, but no one responded. They sat in silence looking at me and then at each other. Just as I was about to conclude the service, one young man rose to his feet indicating his desire to follow Jesus. It was a simple act of faith and courage as he took his stand for Jesus Christ. Suddenly, another stood by his side. And then another. In a matter of a few seconds, several hundred young men rose to their feet to declare their trust in Jesus. That simple act of one young man had a powerful effect on so many others as they stood to confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

What that young man did reminded me of the power and influence one life surrendered to the Lord can have. I want to be that one. Your support and prayers for our ministry help make this mission a reality. Thank you for standing with us.

– Rick