A few weeks ago, Jared and I met  in Christiansburg, VA at a local restaurant for a weekly Bible study. Before we got up to leave, I left a Bible on the table along with my testimony card (A few years ago, I wrote down my testimony and had it printed on a 6×4 card for distribution). As I was leaving, the manager called out to me to let me know that I had left my Bible. I said, “If you don’t mind, I would like to leave it there for someone else.”

Five days later, a young man in his mid twenties called our office at 1:00 am and left a message asking for someone to call him back. I called him back the next morning and he told me that he had visited a restaurant recently and found a Bible on one of the tables and my card was inside. He said, “After reading your story I knew I needed to talk to you. Your story is my story and I believe that God is speaking to me. I want to give my life to Him.” So, I met with him and shared with him the Gospel. He said that he believed that God led him there so that we could meet. “I’m just so happy,” he said. I had the great privilege of sharing the Gospel message with him and he received wholeheartedly the message of salvation.

He is now our brother in Christ.  He told me that he was ready to follow Jesus no matter where He may lead him. It appears that God was working on this young man’s heart and He used a simple testimony to draw him to the cross. Pray for this young man as he begins his new life as a follower of the Lord Jesus. Thank God for those divine appointments.

You too have a story to tell. The Samaritan woman in John 4 had a story to tell. Paul in Acts 22 had a story to tell. In fact, take a moment to read Paul’s story in Acts 22:1-21. You will see three parts to Paul’s testimony. First, Paul shares about his life before Christ. Second, he tells about his encounter with Jesus and how he was saved. Third, he shares about his new life after Christ. This is a great example to follow when sharing your story. Try writing your testimony out and practice sharing it with a family member or friend. Then ask God for an opportunity to give witness to Him. God wants to use your story to point people to Jesus. The harvest is plentiful.

– Rick