The past few months have been crazy busy for us. After the birth of my son, the girls and I flew back to Uganda to begin preparing the house for mom and baby (It was in need of some serious repairs).

While working on the house, we were also trying just to get back into the swing of things here. There were several crises that were demanding my attention almost from the moment I set foot on Ugandan soil. Life was like a whirlwind: doing the single dad thing for a month, repairing the house, problem solving and crisis management, and trying to pastor a growing church.

Speaking of Jinja Town Church: we need your prayers. God is moving, and the church is growing. It has outgrown our current space and we are praying and seeking God’s guidance for the next step. God is drawing people to himself.

People like Julius and Pius.

Julius is a single dad and an artist in town. I’ve known him for several years and have often spoken to him about his need for Jesus. Shortly after I arrived, we got to hang out, and he finally gave his life to Jesus! Later that same day, Julius went home and led his son to Jesus!


Pius is a young man and also an artist. I got to lead him to Jesus a few years ago, but he has had a long struggle with alcoholism. I came home to find Pius sober for the longest stretch of his life and passionately pursuing Jesus. The coolest part of it is, both of these men have been going with me to share Jesus with their their former drinking buddies, and we are beginning to see some fruit!


Last month marked the beginning of my busy travel season, traveling into the villages to begin training with our AAI pastors. I will be in the village a lot throughout the rest of the year, and we are still hoping and praying that God will provide the money we need to purchase a 4×4 camper so that I might be able to have my family with me as I travel. Would you prayerfully consider donating toward this need? We still need $15,000.

Thanks so much for your ongoing prayer and support. We love and appreciate you all! May God bless you.

– Smooth